Nano brows



Nano brows are essentially the end product of a procedure called nanoblading

They're a semi-permanent tattoo that results in full, fluffy looking brows. Like microbladed brows, the effects are longlasting and well suited to people who might be dealing with over-plucked brows."The finished results are more natural-looking, hair-like strokes," nano brows can last up to two to three years. This permanent makeup treatment allows you to wake up with your eyebrows already filled in and can save you a significant amount of time over the years that you would be spending on this step of your daily routine. Nano brows are also a great option for correcting previously tattooed eyebrows.

Does nano brows painful?

The eyebrows completely numb with numbing cream before procedure so there is no pain at all but may have some redness and mild swelling after your microblading appointment.

What is the after care of nano Brows?

After the procedure, keep your eyebrows as dry as possible. Wipe your eyebrows daily with a damp cloth, and then apply moisturizing cream provided by your nanoblading artist. Avoid sweating, saunas, and hot baths for the first 7 days. Don't wear makeup around your eyebrows for at least a week.

What is the healing process?

After your initial microblading session, your skin should heal in 7 to 12days. It'll likely feel tender and painful at first, but this will go away over time. Your brows will also darken and lighten before revealing their final color. It's normal for your skin to flake and peel as healing takes place. The microblading scabbing stage starts approximately 3-4 days after the treatments. It lasts around 7 days, and it should end by day 12 or so.

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