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What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup. Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. Unlike traditional permanent cosmetic tattoos, lip blushing is an evolved service that’s meant to provide natural looking, long-lasting results. The permanent makeup of today is very different—we use organic pigments and modern, digital tools,” The results are much more natural looking.

How long does lip blushing last?

Typically, lip blushing lasts between two to three years and will gradually lighten and fade over time, until your lips slowly return to their natural hue. So your lips will look far lighter after two years than they will after six months, which is why many tattoo artists recommend yearly refresh sessions to prolong the lip shade you want.

Is lip blushing painful?

the pain of lip blushing is often described as small pinches or light scratches—nothing unbearable or scary.

What is The lip blushing healing process?

As with any tattoo, there’s a healing process. Immediately after your appointment, your lips will appear super bright and stained, but don’t panic. Once your lips completely heal—which usually takes four weeks—the color will fade up to 50 percent and blend naturally with your lips. You’ll also experience some scabbing the first week after your appointment as your skin heals, so it’s v important to keep your lips moisturized with heavy-duty lip balm those first few weeks.

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